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Kris Meredith - Radio Demo
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Hello and welcome, I’m Kris Meredith a television and radio presenter from Manchester and currently presenting on the Sky channel 680, Psychic Today. I host several live shows a week and bring the entertainment factor and steer the show to being busy with callers and ensure every aspect of my shows are high energy and truly connects with the global audience and I believe that this come from having worked in different industries before from retail and the aviation field.  


I have a rich blend of experience in radio and television, from starting as a volunteer with Global's Capital and Heart then local television station, Made TV and now working as a professional TV Presenter on the Sky network Psychic Today. I have earned a repetition as one of the most hard-working presenters with high energy and someone who brings new dynamics and a true connection into all of my presenting work.

I host the successful  'Keep it Spiritual Podcast & Show that is listened to all around the world. I bring many spiritual voices together to boost the spiritual vibration and host this on all podcasting platforms and YouTube. 

Love and Light

Kris X 


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