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Kris Meredith - Radio Demo
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Having worked in a completely different industry before, I now pride myself in being able to demonstrate a natural talent in the broadcast field. I reach out to young and old and offer a fresh and dynamic approach that is refreshing to a mixed audience.

I have a rich blend of experience in radio and television, I have earned a repetition as one of the most hard-working presenters with high energy and someone who brings new dynamics into broadcasts and remains in-tune with the publics needs and wants.

I understand what it takes to create a truly personable show and having that rich background of non-broadcast and broadcast experience creates a truly unique and relatable presenter.

 My latest presenter role, is a permeant TV presenter on Sky Channel 680, Psychic Today and is bringing Aussie Hour and all the biggest Aussie stars to a UK audience every week on

Ribble FM.